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Minecraft v1.21.0.23 MOD, Immortality MOD APK Download

MOD Immortality
App Name Minecraft
Package Name com.mojang.minecraftpe
Genre Arcade
Size 782.14 MB
Latest Version
Mod Info
MOD Immortality
Update Date Wed May 08 2024
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Minecraft Mod APK Download for Free - Jojoy

Minecraft Mod Apk is a 3D first-person perspective sandbox game. Players can freely create and destroy different kinds of squares in three-dimensional space, and use their imagination to build and explore a world exclusively for players. The style of the game is unique, featuring mosaic style of building blocks. In minecraft mod apk Jojoy download, players can create exquisite buildings and art by destroying or creating squares in single or multiplayer mode, or complete the main task of the game by collecting objects and exploring maps, and experience the feeling of God through their own creations.

Minecraft mod apk Jojoy download is a popular 3D sandbox game all over the world. With its open and free game world and unimaginable gameplay, minecraft mod apk Jojoy download is loved by hundreds of millions of players. Players can take risks alone or side by side with friends, explore the randomly generated world and create amazing miracles. Loaded with rich component resources, you can freely customize your own game world and open any gameplay you want.


In minecraft mod combo download Jojoy, you can build your own world by placing all kinds of squares. The game adopts the first-person perspective, integrates construction, adventure and survival, retains the original features of the game, and covers multi-level game groups. Players can freely explore this brand-new field in minecraft mod Jojoy apk download, use various squares to create unlimited possibilities, and have a different kind of communication with friends from all over the world to create their own ideal square world.

Download minecraft mod apk Jojoy 2022 lastest mod apk is a survival mobile phone game with the theme of pixel sandbox. In mod minecraft Jojoy mod apk, players will experience the release and freedom. Here, all kinds of constructions are designed and built by yourself to create a world of your own unique charm, which is very interesting. Come and download minecraft mod combo apk Jojoy download if you like!


This is a 3D first-person sand table game. The world doesn't present gorgeous pictures and special effects, but focuses on gameplay. You can say It's not a game, for it doesn't have any specific gameplay, plot or rules. You also can say It's a game, because it can also kill your time and make you experience endless fun.

Download minecraft mod Jojoy download will also support multiplayer games based on local wireless networks. Players are doing "construction" and "destruction" in the game. By combining and piecing together blocks like Lego, they can easily make cabins, castles and even cities. But if you add the imagination of players, cities in the air and underground cities can be realized as well.


In this Classic pixel-style sandbox game, players can freely create all kinds of items, and the gameplay is rich and varied, and the brand-new game dress can be chosen by players. Players can get rich rewards when they log in to the game every day. They can invite friends online, congratulate each other in the game and create your memories together.


The game adopts high-quality pixel style to design pictures and scenes, and every time a player enters the game, a random scene map will be generated. Players and partners need to join in the wonderful game challenge, and there are abundant items resources in the level waiting for your discovery in mod combo minecraft Jojoy download. All kinds of cool and gorgeous costumes allow you to choose freely, and you can also customize and make all kinds of powerful defensive equipment and props.


Debug Mode

Debugging mode is a world type. Players only need to hold down shift and click on the map type when creating the world. In this mode, the single world contains all the general squares of state and data values, which are arranged in a grid at the height of y=70 and have a barrier at the height of y=60.

Survival Mode

This mode requires players to build and make various tools to survive.

Hardcore Mode

The function of the game is the same as the survival mode, except that it is more difficult in this mode and has only one life.

Spectator Mode

Bystanders can view the prop bar, etc., but they can't use or place the square, and pass through any entity or square without operating with it. Click on player entities to observe them from their perspective, but can't interact with the squares.

Creative Mode

The squares are infinite, so you don't have to worry about your own safety, and players can fly.


Players can freely build and dismantle squares, fly freely, be against injury, and easily build architectural works of different styles. Whether it's a unique and warm home, the majestic Forbidden City or the exquisite hanging gardens, let your imagination play freely, and start from building your home to meet the unknown challenges of the world.


In the borderless game map, interact with random creatures in unknown ecological environment, and simulate the truest wild survival from scratch. Starting from cutting down trees, mining and collecting resources, the first night spent lighting torches started a completely different journey. Building, running farms, killing dragons and killing monsters. Every adventurer can always find his own fun.